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Do not buy this book!

unless you're the sort of aunt or uncle who would buy a kid a slingshot, or fireworks -- they're all about equally as bad. If that's you though then this is the book you've been looking for. A Bunny Named Swine is the story of a bunny. His name is Swine. He goes on many adventures. He meets nice kids, and grownups, he also meets some not-so-nice-people, like Siebold Grinder, the high school bully.

It's filled with punching and pirates, gas masks, and people getting sick and it's a lot of fun.  but don't buy it for normal kids. Buy it for the ones who will understand, or buy it for yourself if you used to be one of the not-normal kids.

44 Pages, full color.

$10.00 + $1.75 shipping & handling in the U.S.